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The BC Province-wide DMR net is held every Friday at 20:00 local Pacific time (8:00 pm) on BC-1, which is talk-group 3027 for repeaters connected to BC-TRBO or talk-group 30271 if using a repeater or hotspot connected to the Brandmeister network.


On Nov 4th 2022 AnyTone released an important but confusing CPS and firmware update: 3.00, followed by 3.01. Before downloading the latest software, read Doug VE7CQT’s technote to ensure you are using the correct download.

The new AnyTone AT-D578 Bluetooth Microphone has been released.
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BC-TRBO MMDVM server is now available for hotspot connections.


Before starting the net, please make sure you are on the correct talk group and not simply monitoring all talk groups on the repeater. When checking in, wait for the beep then please give your callsign, name, location, and radio information. Sometime the transmissions double or there is network contention preventing your transmission being heard. It is useful to monitor BC-TRBO Callwatch or Brandmeister Last Heard to confirm your transmission is successful.

We follow a format:

  • announcements
  • check-ins
  • technical/questions/discussion/concerns or comments

Check-ins will be called in groups:

  • new stations joining the net for the first time
  • callsigns with suffixes beginning A-C
  • callsigns with suffixes beginning D-G
  • callsigns with suffixes beginning H-K
  • callsigns with suffixes beginning L-P
  • callsigns with suffixes beginning Q-T
  • callsigns with suffixes beginning U-Z

Net Control Stations

Doug, VE7CQT has been licensed since April 15 1971, as VE3BIT, for his high school Electronics class final project when 10 WPM Morse was still required. 

He obtained his Advanced Certificate in Sept 1973 with the 15 WPM Morse requirement.

In his final year at university and to compete in CW contests, he built one of the first programmable iambic electronic keyers with 4 memories. 

He has always volunteered for public service events: EMO (Ontario, underground bunker), Sun Run, Celebration of Light, Hyack Parade, and Run for Prostate Cancer.

Today, he lives with Strata antenna restrictions, and operates FM and DMR, spending his time creating code plugs, and ‘How To’ documents for the DMR community in BC.

Look for him at the Burnaby Cariboo Park outdoor Saturday gatherings wearing his VE7CQT hat, with his laptop connected to someone’s HT. 

He is a member of Burnaby ARC, BCFMCA, PNW Digital, and RAC.

Chris VE7XH/VE7QCS has been enthusiastic about radio since a teenager (a long time ago). He was first licensed around 1970 in England as G8GDM where he was active in VHF contests. Chris now likes to study HF propagation while operating QRP and using data modes. Most of the time I can be found writing software for radios. He is a member of Delta ARS, BCFMCA, PNW Digital, and RAC.

Patricia VE7PAW has been a ham since 1994 where she joined the UBC Amateur Radio club to get a more practical view on her electronics courses.  She comes from a family of hams where her mother, father and brother all had licenses.  She is interested in the emergency communications aspect of amateur radio and would eventually like to start working on HF but lacks equipment.  She is a member of Delta ARS, BCFMCA and RAC.

Trevor VA7TCM obtained his license in 2018. Starting in FM, then migrated to DMR, while monitoring local FM repeaters nearby. Since then, Trevor has been passionate about expanding the DMR network, educating others who are new with little to none experience. Trevor spent many years the Security Industry before transferring into Telecommunications. Trevor does not take breaks from anything radio related. From climbing Telecommunications towers and Servicing Professional radio users during his day job, to working on radio projects by night. Trevor also enjoys spending time trying new things with anything technology related.

Dave VA7MD/VE7IDN have licensed since 1991. Interested in DMR, D-Star and HF contesting. Member of RAC, BCFMCA and Delta ARC. Other Interests are RV camping and officiating swim meets.


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Transceivers Used