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Code Plug Installation

The codeplug is a file which is written to a DMR transceiver to program it with all of the channels, zones radio IDs (digital contact list) and optional settings. This is achieved using a program called the Customer Programming Software (CPS), which is similar to how Chirp is used to program conventional analogue radios.

Doug VE7CQT has created a striped down reference codeplug which is compatible with the popular Anytone radios. Information for other radios is provided a the end of this page.

This codeplug includes all DMR repeaters in Southern BC and 50+ popular analogue repeaters. It is intended for anyone new to DMR to get operational, learn from it and then customize it for your own needs. We request feedback from anyone using it. Please send your comments to Doug VE7CQT by email. Alternatively, just send him a quick thank you note!

This codeplug is designed for use with versions 1.21 or 1.23 firmware and CPS. Check your radio version (Menu/Settings/Device Info) and update if necessary. The firmware and CPS is available from BridgeCom Systems. If you need to update the firmware then follow the Firmware Update Instructions to replace it.

Finally, to install the codeplug:

  • Download the Codeplug RDT file
  • Follow the Code Plug Instructions
  • If needed there is a Change Log

At this point your DMR radio should be operational. The easiest way to check the transceiver is to set the zone to one of the local repeaters and then set the channel to Parrot. Make a call to Parrot and a few seconds later your message should be echoed back.

For anyone not using the Anytone radio, there is a set of exported comma separated variable (CSV) files that can be downloaded in a Zip file and examined. Alternatively for the more adventurous, the Zip file also contains the Document Conversion File (DCF) and it may be possible to convert and import using the DMR Contact Manager.

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